~ myself ~

13 February 1999

why is it so hard to be a smart ass? been reading and browsing through people’s pages, they are all ‘speaking their mind’. maybe i’m just not smart (and also not an ass). maybe i dont have a mind of my own, so i cant even let it speak. maybe i’m just trying not to be myself.

who knows. maybe i should learn how to express myself. what’s the point of having a homepage? i read it somewhere, a personal homepage should be about an expression. but who would want to read about me? i’m not an interesting person. and what would other people get from reading anything about myself? any benefit? i dont know. so, why do i made this homepage? well, so far, i think it’s just an experiment for what i have learned. HTML, javascripts, etc. hahaha… is this somekind of statement? maybe… ah, who cares.