~ Savannah photos ~

02 January 2001

i’m back at the office again, the place where i spend about half of my weekdays — the other half is in bed. since most of the people here were on vacation last week, so the first work hour was the time to mingle about “what did you do during xmas + new year” thing.

anyways, i’ve been finding new sites and new-faced sites since this morning. Callistonian Moon is one of the new one i found. look at the 3D drawings. maybe you wouldn’t believe if i tell you that the creator is only 15 years old. it’s the Six.Nu de-ja-vu all over again. peapod and acidstars have a new look (if this is an old news, forgive me…)

today’s link: boristhespider. cute URL, awesome stuff. and Born Magazine relaunched!

and i forgot to post that i finally developed the photos from the Savannah trip. such a beautiful little town, huh?

oh, by the way, we’re watching breast surgery on MTV from work’s silent TV. ouch!