~ company off-site ~

14 December 2000

yesterday was a good long day. i basically didn’t work. the department that i’m in was having an off-site day, and we went to the Lazer Park, an arcade place at Times Square, and played laser tag! yes, i ran around and shot co-workers! ain’t that cool? we had an hour to play the laser tag after doing the work related business during the off-site. and damn, it was very tiring! by the time i got out of the room, i’m practically soaked with sweat and ran outta breath.

an hour after playing on that laser tag thing, the whole company had their Holiday Party. so, within an hour, i had to get rid of the sweat, smell etc, and looking decent enough to go to a pretty big party. this time, the employees are allowed to bring dates/spouse. so, i got to bring ari to the party! it was fun. don’t believe me? well, take a look at the pictures, and you know what i mean… hehe. i was pretty drunk.

so, an appropriate article for today: Honey Offers Sweet Relief From Hangovers. yes, my head hurts.

and oh, there are more pictures on cia’s homepage.

flash link for ya: cmart.design.ru… weird, twisted, yet sophisticated…. have fun with the alien.

OUCH! i guess, being grounded was not so bad afterall.

THE BEATLES… great band, great songs, great site as well…