~ 3 more days… ~

04 January 2001

… to go back home, visiting Indonesia. i’m excited. still have to move my plants and my bunny to ari’s apartment, so that Corrin can bunny/turtles-sitting.

more links: Pixel : Industries… i didn’t know that it has a new interface (or maybe, not so new). and miss kitty, a very pixilated cute little site that “make people smile”. and i’m kinda addicted to Hyro’s Memory Game… give it a try — it’s in their lab — and see what your score is. my time left was 1:09 and got 104 hits wrong before i finished it. is it good for a first-timer?

linkydink: i found two sites by Indonesian (i think). the first one is Fake Designer… funny site name and Laititia Casta. yumm. the second one is leonist.com. it’s kinda nice with spinny stuff…. but don’t you think the graphics looks exactly the same as those on DFORM1’s front page and greyscale?

and i just found out that Core, who’s also indonesian, has this new phat look.