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06 January 2001

i’d probably going to post less often, since i’ll be on the plane for about 25-28 hours starting tomorrow night, and after that i’ll be in Jakarta, which is known for ..s..l..o..w.. internet connection.

a good news for today is avocadolite.com is the Featured Site of the Day at Master Web Indonesia. yippee! and oh, the site is in indonesian, of course.

other things i found out on the web today is matt changes his layout… again. wing sent me this link that i’ve never seen before: oringe.com. neat! no mouse needed, and the thing talks to you.

and for those of you who sent me email asking how i make the graphic of the girl on the left, no it’s not a plug-in. i use illustrator to draw it, as well as those on avocadolite.com’s main page and a couple of cards in E-CARDS. my suggestion is use any vector based drawing software to draw that type of illustrations… =)

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i need some good flashed sites to recharge my energy. hope you update soon.

Zebulun | 12 January 2001 - 07:44 | reply

oops, sorry man. i’m still on my vacation.so,the update will still be scarce. there will be more links starting on the 22nd. promise…

thalia | 13 January 2001 - 08:57 | reply