~ back in NY ~

21 January 2001

whew… we’re back! the journey went pretty smooth until it was about to land in Newark. the area was covered with snow that didn’t stop falling until about half an hour before the plane landed. to add the suspense, it was quite windy outside. so the plane kept rocking sideways during the landing. i was kinda scared. thank god, everything was ok.

i brought a lot of stuff from home. about 7 pieces of clothings, a bamboo blinds for windows, a Tare Panda stuffed animal and one of the items on my wishlist: the SONY micro system that i’ve been wanting for the past 4 months! yippee! i installed it right away once i got home… oooh, that pretty thing has a pretty sound too!

oh yeah, i also cut my hair. i now have bangs. i think i cut it a bit too short that i intended to. but it’s ok. it will grow eventually. i’ll post the picture once it gets developed.