~ chinese, anyone? ~

02 February 2001

i found this on my tracker. i guess that’s a chinese version of avocadolite.com. i wonder what’s the translation of “tropical random fun ideas”.

~ comment (2) ~

hehe, this is cool… =) too bad they dun translate gifs and flash…

oh, here… since i’m bored, let’s see what the translation of thalia’s first post on the front page translates to…

“in the last 2 weeks, ari and i were on top on the holiday. we are from country, in indonesia in my home spending our time. therefore, if we do not e-mail (as in, e-mail, the noun) back, we apologize. we return to new york’s fly tonight is leaving. and we promise all e-mail to reply. have good weekend.”

see, i’m bored.

wing | 2 February 2001 - 10:07 | reply

hehe… thanks, wing. that’s funny. and, hey! they got ari’s name right!

thalia | 3 February 2001 - 11:49 | reply