~ IKEA trip ~

28 May 2001

happy memorial day, everyone. yesterday was my dad’s birthday. i already gave him a call yesterday. but, happy birthday, dad. he’s now on his way to Seattle, WA.

also, ari and i went to IKEA yesterday and spent so much money doing furniture shopping. since we don’t have a car, and the nearest IKEA was in NEw Jersey, we had to take a shuttle to get there. and we weren’t allowed to take more than 1 item in the shuttle on the way back. we had to use their expensive delivery service.

so, by June 9th, i’ll have a couch (finally!), a bed, a nice TV stroller, a paper lamp, and beautiful cabinet to fill up my apartment. i can’t wait! i haven’t had real couch for years!

anyways, linky-time! icha’s weblog is new… and looking great. and for illustration, take a look at Arthur Mount’s site. you’re gonna love it. and he is Jane (my boss)’s cousin too. how cool is that.

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Awww…I’m sorry you have to wait so long for a simple couch. I know how that service is……you’ll be lucky if you can get the couch this year~_~ Well,at least you’ll get it. Some places are rip offs. This service may take awhile but you’ll eventually get the couch you want. Those are wonderful websites you have there. I have a few wonderful sites I would like to show you^_^:




I hope you like these sites I have,I sure do^^


Bonkie | 29 May 2001 - 09:00 | reply

thanks, i love those sites. Betcha’s site is especially wonderful. =)

thalia | 29 May 2001 - 10:54 | reply

WOW!!!! I don’t even know what to say!!! Thank you, a huuuge thank you!!! :-))))))

Betcha | 29 May 2001 - 11:23 | reply