~ learning css ~

03 June 2001

i’ve been neglecting this site for about 5 days. sorry. i promise the new layout will be done soon. i’m planning to use css extensively… making the redesign as the ‘learning how to use css’ project. heh, let’s see how it would look…

other than that, my dad was in the hospital for a couple of days. he’s now back at home, though. which is good.

take a look at the indonesian design zine, Design Faculty. the redesign just launched on June 1st. which was the same time as my 2 years anniversary for working at Bolt. i got a huge backpack as the anniversary gift. cute!

~ comment (2) ~

THe Design Faculty guy is a total jerk.He thinks he’s all that.

foo | 12 June 2001 - 02:02 | reply

couldnt open up the site for design faculty. thats good.

v | 19 June 2001 - 03:42 | reply