~ A.I. ~

15 July 2001

after all day working on generationrice, ari and i went to watch A.I.(2001) last night. ugh, i wish they ended the movie earlier. maybe it’s just me, but the movie lost the climax, and seemed to be dragging on forever. but that kid! he’s such a great actor! and jude law makes me happy… mmmm, jude law.

cia came over to my place today to work on generationrice, finishing up the redesign (which, by the way, should launch tonight. woo hoo!). she brought along her dad’s delicious eggrolls, her mom’s yummy pickles, nectarines and flowers. ain’t she great? hee hee. since my DSL is running, we could connect 2 computers — my laptop and hers — to the internet. i love my DSL….