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14 August 2001

i found crtl-alt-f from my tracker. they have many great fonts. i’m sure there are many more great stuff in there, but i don’t understand French (it’s in French, right?).

today, i left my umbrella at home. and, of course, it rained really hard. it rained last night too, so i didn’t put my umbrella back to my bag since it was still wet when i got home. i completely forgot to put it back in this morning. so, i was soaking wet, running to get to the Vietnamese restaurant where i was supposed to meet my friend. shit like that happens, eh?

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thank you very much for the link back ! indeed language is french, yes. sorry ;)

piregwan | 16 August 2001 - 04:06 | reply

oh, anytime. nice site… and you shouldn’t be sorry about the language :)

thalia | 17 August 2001 - 11:39 | reply