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21 August 2001

i was out sick yesterday. so, this morning, i decided to leave home early, catching up with all the stuff i missed yesterday. well, i didn’t get to work early. it turned to 2 hour commute, 4 times changing train and a whole lot of bad decisions.

i took the R train (first train) to Roosevelt and got off to catch the E train (first bad decision). when the train door closed, the announcer said that all the people who wants to go to Manhattan should stay on the R train, since the E and F line is jammed. yo, why didn’t you tell us before the door closed? so i had to wait for another R train to come.

i thought i could catch E or C on the R’s 42nd stop (second train), but for some reason, i chickened out when i saw there is no sign to E or C on the Times Square station… and went back in to R train (second bad decision). didn’t remember that i could take 1 or 9 from there until the R train already moved. stupid me! i was already late by that time, since it took half an hour to get from Roosevelt to Queens Plaza. so i decided to get off at 34th street, hoping to catch F train and get off at West 4th to catch E or C (again).

while waiting for the F, a D train arrived… usually D’s last stop is at 34th, but the station announcer said that the D will go to West 4th as its last stop. so i thought, hey, why not? express to West 4th (third bad decision)… oh, what was i thinking? i should’ve known when the conductor said that they’re not going to West 4th and started to have a fight broadcasted over the speaker with the announcer girl in the station. the conductor lost… so the D is moving with me and 5 other people in it (third train).

all the sudden, the train stopped in the middle of the tunnel. the light, engine and the AC turned off. we were looking at each other, confused. and i started to burst in laughter. you know the feeling when you wanna cry, but too embarassed, so you just turn it to laugh. non-stop laugh. i’ve been 1 and a half hour underground so far… ARGH! i kept thinking, if i just waited for the F train, i would’ve been at West 4th by now.

after 15 minutes, the train moved. for some reason, the train arrived in West 4th on a wrong track. my guess is, the girl forgot to change the lane… so, the train got stuck in the middle of tunnel and don’t know where to go. anyways, i had to go to the other side of the track to catch E or C… instead of taking the stairs, i took the escalator (fourth bad decision), which took me to the 3rd floor. i ran back down to the second floor and kept running to the other side of the platform. there were 2 E trains, one on the local side and one on the express side… both just closed their door and moving into the tunnel…. FUCK! i was too late. again.

the weird thing is, the train on the local went halfway into the tunnel and just stopped… for another 10 minutes. i guess, it has to wait for the express side E train to make its way to the Spring Street. by the time i get to the next train (fourth train), i was already an hour late for the office. i was completely frustrated. fuck the subways. i was pissed off.

on the brighter side, ari and i upgraded the avocadolite flash to flash 5. so now we can link through the text file. i also finished the photo section of expiration date. yay!

by the way, designgraphik refreshed. oooh yeah!

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Yes, the subway sucks. I spent an entire hour today pissed off wondering why the hell I can’t get any singal on my phone in the subways. Oh wait, I should be pissed at AT&T instead, but anyway, the subway does majorly suck.

wing | 22 August 2001 - 10:42 | reply

i thought you can’t get any signal in subways anyway, no? anyways, me and any type of public transportation just can’t get along. too bad, walking is not a commute option for me.

thalia | 23 August 2001 - 11:56 | reply