~ bro in the city ~

08 September 2001

uff, i haven’t posted for a while. this week has drained my energy out. sorry.

anyways, my brother came to the city on thursday, and he brought a lot of goodies with him. i got more stuffed TarePanda from my cousin and TarePanda ashtray from my bro’s girlfriend. Chili, my aunt, also made me this a stuffed Char Aznable (!!!), and many more little stuffed things. i’ll post the photos once they got uploaded. (updated: here is the stuffed toys album!)

i also took friday off work. so, instead of being in the office, we went out and bought a Gameboy Advanced, with a couple of games — castlevania and tony hawk. so, i’ll have more things to do while i’m riding the subways. yay!

today, we’re planning to go to the Union Square and just walk around there. we probably end up buying more comics, though.

and thanks to creativebehavior and Moluv for the links :)

as for linky: gmunk is updated.