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12 September 2001

i didn’t go to work today, since my office is located below 14th Street — which is closed for today.

thanks for all of you who email or call ari and i. i still can’t get into my cellphone mailbox, since i haven’t been able to get signal since yesterday. my DSL is also dead. so, i’ve been using the dial-up, which hasn’t been very reliable either.

please help the victims. no matter what country you’re at or what beliefs you have, these people are humans. kottke.org has many resources for you who lives far from NYC to contribute some help for the unfortunates.

as for some of the random thoughts that cross my mind: i’m scared. i’m hoping that this incident won’t trigger any racial-based beatings or even riots. i’m also worried about what’s gonna happen with the economy in the US and how it is going to impact my job. i keep thinking and get frightened that one of these days, i’ll read somewhere that US just dropped a bomb at [fill_in_the_blank] and a couple days later, we’re in a war. but then again, those thoughts are coming from a paranoid little me.

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Tetep berpikiran positive, sis.. jauh lah US bisa sampe krisis, elo gak akan kehilangan kerjaan. tapi kalo soal perang, gue juga takut akan itu. ya, gue juga baca mereka sudah menjatuhkan serangan balasan di suatu tempat di timur tengah. ya, bener gue benci pemerintah AS dalam menyelesaikan masalah, terlalu sombong. Akibatnya terlalu banyak yang disakiti, dendam, yang akibatnya sipil juga yang jadi korban.

Tapi sekali lagi tetep aja berpikiran positive, sis.

___hope for future in peace.

___core | 13 September 2001 - 03:00 | reply

halo mbak! sukur deh baik2 aja, apalagi uak didi-maudy waktu itu lagi pergi, malem kita sempet telfon2an ‘ma chili, dia cemas banget ampe ngga berenti ngomong, hehe ;)

kita disini pada mantengin berita ampe tengah malem, pagi2 sebelom sekolah juga masih nonton..

..anyways i just got that feeling that you’re ok somehow, thank god that’s right.. x)

salam buat ari, bebe, 2 turtles.. bye !!!

wanda | 13 September 2001 - 07:14 | reply

wanda — ma kasih banget! sori, aku ngga bisa ngirim kabar cepet2. tapi, udah kirim imel/telpon chili kok :)

core — hehe, nulisnya pake bahasa indo, biar yg laen ngga ngerti. dari yang gue denger disini, ‘serangan balasan’ itu bukan dari amrik. well, who knows, right? in any case, gue paling serem ama perang yang dasarnya ideologi atau kepercayaan. soalnya justificationnya suka ngga nyata. moga2 deh ngga terjadi.

thalia | 13 September 2001 - 08:49 | reply

I think that your paranoia’s are very real. We shouldn’t let them overwhelm us, but i think that we should be aware of them.

Bru | 13 September 2001 - 10:09 | reply

i agree. and i wish everyone agrees with you, Bru.

thalia | 17 September 2001 - 09:47 | reply