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16 September 2001

i’ve been trying to avoid any conversation related to the 9-11 incident with any human being for the past couple of days. it makes me feel guilty, uncomfortable and out of place.

friday was the first time i went to work. the office area still have the smell of concrete and burnt rubber. a lot of people are still shocked and angry. i am too. i realize how sensitive i am toward people’s comments about muslims and foreigners — which i used to dismiss easily. i get ticked off when friends from outside US commenting about American politics, something that i never — and never want to — take it personally. people don’t listen anymore. and i didn’t either.

so, here is the photos when ari, cia and i made an attempt to ‘get back to normal’. we even play slides with 7 year old girl. yesterday, i invited scogin and alyssa to visit my place in Queens and walk around the Forest Hills area, as another attempt to get back to normal. i think it helped.

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love it

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