~ WELD + flowers! ~

21 September 2001

i got to work this morning, and i saw a flower bouquet on my desk, in front of my computer. i got flowers! whoever gave it to me, thanks. it made my day :)

flower 1 (3k image) flower 2 (3k image)

more fun note: George (that half of a person in red shirt on the second flower photo) is now famous! take a look here and here! and this is my favorite, where the first two words of the article is George Weld. go, Mr. Weld, go!

~ comment (3) ~

nice pic! what camera are you using?

me | 22 September 2001 - 10:01 | reply

hi..hi.. nice flowers, anyway thanks for give me an advice..

ntonk | 23 September 2001 - 09:31 | reply

i use an old digital camera from Fuji (MX1200). i don’t recommend this one, though. there are many better digital cameras around.

ntonk — no problem. anytime :)

thalia | 23 September 2001 - 11:48 | reply