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07 October 2001

nonbasic just had its facelift. it’s about time, as in that layout has been sitting on my computer for months. well, maybe weeks.

so, it has started. and it’s driving me nuts. upon hearing the news, i became nervous. Indonesia got mentioned on the news once again. it’s been there almost everyday. and of course, not in a good term. between this and this, i don’t know what to do or even what to think. i’m just plain scared. terrored?

“I felt very proud, it’s like being a football player on Superbowl day”, said Vinny, the lead B-1 bomber’s weapons officer who operated the radar and dropped bombs on targets. what do i supposed to think?

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Were you here during the Gulf War? It was like that…lots of military bravado…the bombing of cities is like kicking shots on goal…

pete | 9 October 2001 - 03:47 | reply