~ subway incident ~

27 November 2001

yesterday morning, i got into somekind of fight with a big guy in a subway. it was very crowded, i was practically standing with my head touching someone else’s armpit (i’m short, so it could easily happen). another guy on my left was trying to read his book.

he soon got annoyed of me bumping into his book whenever the train shook and the armpit guy bumped into me. he started calling me bitch, stinking whore, and other bad names. i’m not good at bitching and calling names, so after about 3 sentences (my lame-o-response was: “what’s your problem?”), i stopped saying anything and acted like i was ignoring him. besides, he was huuuge! i didn’t really wanna pick fight with him to begin with.

but then again, i didn’t move. so i think he got more pissed and moved the book near my neck. at one point, he jerked and hit my face with his book. then i got upset. i think my face was red then. so, i turned to him and said, “excuse me, but that wasn’t necessary. it’s not nice to hit someone on the face, you know.”

then he said, “it was an accident, bitch”.

i got kinda frustrated, so i just kept looking at him and kept saying, “that wasn’t nice. you shouldn’t have done that…” of course he also kept saying that it was an accident.

people started to look. he still called me names. then i thought about ways to hurt him. maybe i should trip him when he walks out… or maybe i should just hit him in the groin… or how about punch him in the face? but then i thought that won’t be a good idea. small girl like me getting into fist fight with a big black guy twice my size? that’s just stupid. i’m not a kung-fu girl. maybe i should go girly? he thought i was a little kid anyway, right?

so i looked at him, frowned and make face like i was about to cry. surprisingly, it works. he softened, he didn’t call me names anymore, and he appologized.

for the next 3 minutes he managed to pull his book away from my neck. then he got off at the next stop…

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e13 | 27 November 2001 - 04:46 | reply

that’s a very sad story. thanks for making me cry, thal :(

rosdi | 27 November 2001 - 08:00 | reply

What a mean guy! it’s surprising how thoughtless people can be sometimes….

Chelsea-Nicole | 27 November 2001 - 11:29 | reply

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience in the subway yesterday. :( *hugs* If I were in that situation, I might cry too hehe. :P May be I might dial 911 and cry very loud. I bet that would scare the hell out of him. :P jk Your story reminded me of why I didn’t want to live in NYC hehe.

katt | 27 November 2001 - 06:22 | reply

i was in a subway somewhere in new york 6 months ago. and this lady showed me her middle finger.

rosdi | 28 November 2001 - 02:46 | reply

there is this place near my home where there are books available for rental. it’s a great place with every kind of novel you want, you name it, and it’s there. unfortunately, there is this very insightly balding, bad-tempered middle-aged man with a paunch who never smiles and loves to find something (anything) wrong with you. once i had folded a few pages in several books that i borrowed from and i got a blasting from him, right in front of everyone. and some of it wasn’t even of my doing. i tried telling him that, of course, but he insisted that i not place the blame on someone else. it was humiliating. everyone in the store was staring. once before, it happened too, when i insisted he hadn’t returned me my change, and he said that he had. The worst thing was that he refused to let me borrow anything else. ack. fine with me. i’ve found another place that rents out books, and there are two very nice little missus in charge of it.

emily | 29 November 2001 - 04:30 | reply

hmm, there are more rude people than i thought, eh? i still look around the train everyday to see if that guy is accidentally in the same car again with me. this time, i would avoid him at any cost.

thalia | 29 November 2001 - 06:45 | reply

I’m a big guy and I find that behavior apalling. if i were you, i might have tapped the guy near me and said, “he called you a bitch, you gonna take that?”

thalia - side note: you may wanna check out http://www.spellchecker.net/ - they let you put a spellchecker button on any textbox - pretty handy.

Zebulun | 30 November 2001 - 10:21 | reply

why are people like that? i don’t know, but i think you did the right thing - some people are just out to pick a fight it seems so why let them have their way? something similar happened to me here in london and i was angry for days. it’s good to show you are upset , i think tho - maybe to bring a little shame on him?


looking forward to the beta!

fatfirebug | 3 December 2001 - 12:02 | reply

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godote | 5 December 2001 - 04:38 | reply