~ miss the holiday party :( ~

12 December 2001

i didn’t go to work again. more chest pain than yesterday. so i went to the doctor instead. i started to get worried that the pain and shortened breath might be related to bronchitis or pneumonia (ack!). thank god the doctor said that it isn’t. he didn’t find any infection in the lungs. that’s a great news. he suspects that the pain is caused by muscle problems. so, instead of antibiotics, he gave me loads of pain killer. ha ha…

so, katt, i think you’re right. it might have been just the stress…

tonight, Bolt is throwing a holiday party. it supposed to be the most fun party since it only happens once a year. damn breath, now i’m gonna miss it :(

for the good news: ari and i would like to thank Masterweb Magazine for including avocadolite in their Situs-Situs Terbaik MWI section.

and mr. j is back with softee green. mmm ;)

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Awww..so I was right huh? Gosh I love it when i am right! hahaha kidding :P

katt | 12 December 2001 - 09:33 | reply