~ rash and itch ~

12 January 2002

it’s saturday morning. well, almost noon…. and i’m still rashing and itching.

last tuesday and wednesday were bad days. i spent the night and day crying, that my eyes were so swollen, i could barely open ‘em. yesterday… i think i ate something bad. it was a steak wrap with avocado. right after i ate it, my lip was swollen a bit. a couple of hours later, i started to get rash on my hands, then arms and neck. by night, it was on my thighs.

i think i’m bound to swell all week.

~ comment (3) ~

:-( know what your going thru.. i hate when i get allergic reactions to food.. its ER time for me.

johnnie | 12 January 2002 - 04:32 | reply

it sucks, eh? and the thing is, i don’t even know what kinda food i’m allergic to.

thalia | 14 January 2002 - 06:19 | reply

mbak, itu kayak biduran gitu ya? aku juga kok tapi lebih parah lagi bukan makanan, tapi emang setiap pagi & sore/malem, parah banget apalagi kalo udah nyerang bibir. waktu itu pagi2 dateng mata+bibir bengkak, jadi bahan ketawaan anak2 deh seharian. kronis banget ya ;)

wanda | 15 January 2002 - 04:48 | reply