~ ari’s winamp skin ~

20 January 2002

another update on avocadolite. ari made a new winamp skin for condiments section. he claimed that he was inspired by GTA3 again. but i think this one is much less violent than the handgun for the splash…. ;)

since yesterday was spent on making the skin, today ari and i went shopping, big time. ari bought new jeans and somekind of cardigans, while i got a couple of new colorful socks and a turtleneck sweater. i also bought many things for the apartment… a scented candle, a big vase, six little frames for our watercolor paintings, a pair of batik-like pillowcases and a huge velvet blanket (it was on sale!). actually, all of those things were on sale… i love post-holiday sale.

and since tomorrow is a holiday (MLK day), i think i’ll spend my day decorating my apartment. yay!

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