~ boarding gear shopping ~

03 February 2002

we are going snowboarding for the first time next weekend. we’ve skied before, but never tried snowboarding…. so we try to be prepared. the experts, Jane along with Jen and George — who currently are *busy* snowboarding in the land of California — gave us a list of stuff to bring as a first-timer:

* waterproof pants, jacket and gloves — since she said we’ll “… spend a good bit of time laying on the ground”.

* wrist guard — turned out that wrist breaks easily for first-time snowboarders.

* hat that covers the ears

* goggles or wraparound sunglasses

* warm clothes underneath (fleece, turtleneck, t-shirts, long johns).

* thick ski skocks.

* more optional pads — knee and butt pads.

we did a bit of a shopping yesterday and got boarding pants for ari, warm hats for me, etc. but if you have any additional stuff for us to bring or some tips about snowboarding, let us know. i’m sure we need a lot of ‘how to hurt less’ type of tips.

and speaking about Jane, look at her Doggies Bloggies ;)