~ redesign? or not? ~

26 February 2002

… and, wow, dican redesigned.

she makes me want to redesign too. a couple months ago, i wrote that i’m in the middle of redesigning this page. well, it sorta put on hold. i got into making winamp skins, which i only finished one. then i worked on nonbasic instead. then i started to play the video games again. then… it goes on… and the new layout was forgotten.

so tonight, i revisited the illustrator file. moving it to psd, did a cut up, built the page… then i remember why i stopped working on it. certain parts are still empty and under developed… i also need to re-illustrate my face, since i just cut my hair (yeah, i put my face on the layout. heh). so after staring at it, i got lazy… and i started writing this entry, instead. maybe i’ll work on it tomorrow.

~ comment (2) ~

I love every layout that you did, I hope that the next layout would be as good. I sometimes get lazy to update my site, it usually take me a while to change my layout = )

William Tam | 27 February 2002 - 11:18 | reply

but it seem , front page has different style with blog page. isn’t it?

gembel | 5 March 2002 - 02:46 | reply