~ launching with MT ~

31 March 2002

expiration date got a new look along with a new management system, too… for me :) woohooo!

i also simplified the layout and functionality to make it easier for me learning this new cms — thus, redesigned. i discarded the table-less layout, but i’ll come back to it again once i get to know this new system better. i’m still trying to get the templates and all the cosmetic stuff working. there is probably many things broken — page and images — on this site. and, oh, i haven’t import the older entries into this cms yet, but they will show up once i figure out how.

so, please pardon the mess. it should be cleaned up in the few days.

later that night: hmm, it looks like i cleaned up most of the top level stuff and the importing entry from greymatter works very well. the email form on the contact page is still not working, but i’ll fix it in a couple of days. if you find anything broken or looking funny, could you leave a message on that comment area for this post? thank ya :)