yeah, i'm back in Melbourne again. the difference is, currently i'm mom-less. my mom is back in Jakarta. so here, i'm left with my dad, where we both try our best to avoid house chores. our daily activity has become a routine:

- fight for shower in the morning.
- walk to the train station together; i smoke and he doesn't.
- arrive at the other train station, and buy a packed lunch.
- be at work together.
- leave work together.
- find a place to eat, so that we both don't have to cook and clean the dishes.
- go home together.
- at home, dad goes watch tv in his room while i go on the internet. by this time, we avoid each other for having to see each other too much during the day.

next day, it repeats...

i'm sitting in this meeting room, next to the huge window facing St. Kilda Avenue. the new tram just passed by. it was shiny and new. kinda like Madonna's song: Like a Virgin. i'm still sleepy despite the long sleep i had last night and the lack of jet lag. i think this room is inhabited by a different type of jet lag.

my cousin is getting married tomorrow, so i'm going to Bandung tonight. wheee!

later that night: my highschool is having a reunion party tonight. before leaving for Bandung, i stopped by there along with a few of my highschool friends. it turns out that i'm bad at remembering people. i barely recognize anyone. all i see was faces of strangers. people changed a lot after 10+ years. and the fact that i only spent a year at that school didn't help much either.

left to right: audit, veza, putje, anette and me

still, it was good though. seeing old friends and all. some are pregnant, some have divorced, some have remmarried, some have came out of the closet, some got new piercings. too bad i had to leave early to catch up the ride to Bandung.

yesterday, we watched so many movies. first was that Shiko Fnjatta (see previous entry). when we got home, ari, nao and i watched Hero, which has tons and tons of beautiful scenes. right before nao an i went to bed, we watched a few CDs of Winter Sonata again.

so today, we decided to reduce our TV's gamma ray intake. we drove around Kemang, visited Machiko Manga School, had some oyster snack at Aozora and bought some CDs at Aksara (it's a bookstore, but they have excellent CD collection!).

sometime in the afternoon, ari called to meet up at Taman Anggrek, this huge mall on the other side of Jakarta. we all went there, did some window shopping and watched people playng ice skating and, later, ice hockey.

Ideo and venny, two of our friends, met up to have dinner with us. they're getting married in the next few months, and have been busy with the preparation. this coming friday, they're going to take another wedding picture. the setting was neat: underwater while both of them hodling a just married sign. so, after dinner, we spent the next half an hour to make the sign out of styrofoam and permanent marker in the middle of mall foodcourt while watching kids playing ice hockey. it was fun fun fun!

ps: nao is staying over my place, since our moms are off to the beach for a few days.

ari, nao and i went to see Shiko Funjatta at the Japanese Film Week at TIM. we all came out of the theater with tears from too much laughing. the movie was made sometime in 1992, about a bunch of guys enrolled in a dying university sumo club. at that at that time, sumo isn't included in a "cool" club category (like, say, basketball or surfing club). the guys aren't typical sumo wrestlers either. some of them are skinny as stick, one of them is a gaijin (white guy), and the rest are... well, you just have to watch it. it's probably one of the most hillarious movie i've ever seen.

for those of you who are in Jakarta, the movie will be played again on July 20th at 7:30PM. be there :)

my mom arrived yesterday after spending over 5 months in Melbourne. yay, i'm no longer home alone :D

the funny thing is, she didn't even go home on the first day she arrived. she ended up spending a night at Chilli's house (along with me, of course). she fell asleep around 6 in the evening, and didn't wake up until 4 in the morning. jet lag, i guess.

as i waited for her to wake up, Chilli, nao, joi and i ended up watching Winter Sonata -- a Korean drama series. the series is 28 VCDs long. mom slept so much that i got to the 15th VCD. a it's a love story, of course... but the scenes are pretty (all wintery and snowy, makes me think that Korea never ha summer). and the main guy character is such a hotty. yumm.

i ended up bringing the rest of the VCD home. this weekend, i'll be spending a my nights on the bed with DVD player on and sniffling over a sappy love story and/or drooling over cute TV character.

i went to ari's house to take photos of his new puppy (okay, it's not so new. it's been there for over a month). i've met Bonnie before, but i didn't bring camera at that time. she has such a short attention span that it's hard to take photos of her, though. everytime i pulled my camera out, all she wanted was to lick it.

Bonnie is a 4-month old rottweiler. a birthday present for ari's dad from his kids. chosen by Nia, ari's sister. very friendly and smart. licks a lot. cute.




ps: i finished up the Carita photo album along with the entry.

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