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23 June 2001
i went to La Guardia airport with ari today. he's leaving for Kansas City to visit his sisters for 12 days (yes, almost 2 weeks. i'll miss him so much). anyway, the sky was covered with gray cloud. you can hear the thunder every 4 seconds with lightning here and there. i got nervous and worried due to the weather wasn't very friendly.

so, i dropped him off there with mixed feelings...worried and afraid of being lonely. i waited until he went to his gate -- since i wasn't allowed to go to the gates, and went back home half-heartedly.

when i just started moping, my cellphone rang. ari called. he was still in the airport. since the weather was so bad, the plane that was supposed to take him to KC had to land somewhere else. so he got no plane to take.... basically, his flight got delayed for a couple of hours, not sure how many exactly (if you have flown from La Guardia, you know what i'm talking about).

i guess i'm feeling a bit better now. i didn't want him to fly right then with all those lightning. i have already started missing him, though. dammit.

anyway, enough about me. i haven't been browsing the net for a while. so take a look at Hien's site, Digital Quest. don't forget to visit his personal website where he talks about his past sexual experiences (yeah, right). and Summer has her own domain now, indierocket.

21 June 2001
ugh, i'm wearing my indoor slippers to work. i completely forgot to put my shoes on, until i fell on the stairs outside the train station... i looked down wondering why i fell and see my blue and white flipflops. yeah, it's actually a pair of flipflops, but i've never wear it outside the apartment. it also has my name written on it in yellow and red letters. if you wonder why i fell, i guess i'm not used to walking on a not-so-flat terrain with these flipflops. i fell 3 more times before i made it to work.
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19 June 2001
oh great... i'm sick :( i haven't been feeling well since yesterday. and around afternoon, my throat was hurting. by the time i got home, i'm already having fever. i thought i will feel ok today, but the headache is getting worse and the fever is still up there. this sucks.

oh, by the way, does anyone know the difference between sore throat and strep throat?
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18 June 2001
nice and exhausting weekend. on friday night, cia came to visit. that night, we ended up go to Flushing to eat some Korean BBQ. yumm.

my friend from college, Ron and Tricia, got married on Saturday. it was in New Jersey, in a pretty church and a very beautiful reception place. Ron was also ari's schoolmate when they were in highschool. neat, eh?

last night, ari and i watched Moulin Rouge. beautiful musical. the settings and costumes were breathtaking. it was like watching Broadway show, with crazy camera work. for the first 20 minutes of the movie, things are moving so fast and the combination of sounds and visuals were quite overwhelming... and a good way. really. very inspiring.
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