broccoli or cauliflower?
i like both...
neither, i like spinach.
no veggie for me, i'm a meat eater.

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name: thalia
a/s/l: 25/female/NYC
job: product architect & slacker
look: short very black hair
pet: a rabbit & 2 turtles
121300-holiday party
081200-random pics
012399-new york
011099-rhode island
char's zaku
IKEA loveseat
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SONY micro system
Samsung Uproar

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friday, december 29

»  oh la la... so good! so entertaining! and a totally new way to navigate (if you don't click the link on the bottom).

»  great! the new MONO*CRAFTS is up! visit and be inspired, especially if you're a flash junkie.

»  take a peek at Matt's site,, before he changes his layout again...

thursday, december 28

»  argh! blogger is swallowing my messages!!! this is getting really annoying... i don't know how many messages are missing. there supposed to be about 5 more posts, starting from the 24th of December. blogger is really getting on my nerves.

wednesday, december 27

»  Eid Mubarak, everyone. hope y'all had a good feast, after that whole month of fasting. =)

tuesday, december 26

»  i'm at work now... and there is barely anyone here. most of the peeps are on vacation. it's almost noon, and there is only 5 people on my floor, and the heat is pretty much not working. brr...

sunday, december 24

»  X-mas Eve in Indonesia: more than 18 bombs exploded on several different churches. how sad is that?!? it's unthinkable that people would do such a thing for political reason. those people are going there to pray, for goodness sake. *sigh*...

»  hmm, i haven't posted for a while. i've been sick lately... well, not really sick, but i'm having a break out from an allergy reaction. pretty bad hives, that i'm all bumpy and itchy. anyways, tonight is x-mas eve. woohooo! going along with the holiday spirit, enjoy this cute game from Icon Medialab...

thursday, december 21

»  yippee! we launched the project that i talked about here... so, check out E-CARDS, and send your friends some cards for the sake of holiday spirit.

»  you don't know who Chris Christmas Rodriguez is?!? oh, you should! he's about to replace Santa for this Christmas... so, beware...

wednesday, december 20

»  i was out sick yesterday, and i went home early from work today. and it's all because of the damn allergic reaction. i'm all bumpy, puffy and itchy from head to toe.

anyways, i got a new poll for you on the left. this time, it's all about vegetables. i also made a new splash page for have you seen it? i know the theme doesn't seem to have anything to do with the inside. but it will! wait a little bit, until we launch the project... and you'll see what i mean. =)