i just came back from buying my turtles a new accesories for their house (aquarium) and watching Dancer in the Dark. and i don't think i've ever came out of the theater with eyes that puffy. i was literally bawling during the movie. *sniff...

that movie was really sad, depressing and so damn good. it was a musical... musicals are not supposed to be sad and making me cry! it's supposed to be happy and cheery. but i guess that's why Dancer in the Dark was so good. and i didn't know that Bjork is a great actor (she's an awesome musician, cute woman who can manage to be a freak and a cool person at the same time, and now a great actor.... damn, she got everything, huh?). [11:42 PM]

so the Dumbo At Festival was ok. most of the studio we visited didn't have anything new and inspirational except for this one furniture design. that one is interesting. it has a basketball as a stool. maybe we missed all the good ones. i dunno. we also met Cia and her boyfriend there. she told us to go to see lomo exhibition. that one is fun. they gave out a lot of stickers, and their wall of pictures are cool. makes me wanna buy a lomo. but that's about it. i didn't take any picture cause i couldn'n find my digital camera. oh well... [1:11 PM]


and one more... after this one, i'll go home. i don't remember if i have posted this site before, but HAYATE-018 is one of my favorite illustration sites... (i know i have said "... one of my favorite illustration sites..." waaay too many times). so, check it out if you like bubbly illustration. [10:11 PM]

wow, you gotta see d3d2. that weird looking window was surprising. i use IE 5, though. it looks like you can't use any other browser except IE 5 and up. [10:06 PM]

ARRRGH! my 30 pages of spec and functionality document file that's due tomorrow is now corrupted. damn computer! i can't open it.... *sigh*. i don't know what to do... there goes the 4 days of work. UGH! [5:11 PM]

ooo... flying little spheres in error type. too bad, only the "human error" link is working. [11:58 AM]

question from Milan:
what's your favorite animal print?

name: thalia
a/s/l: 25/female/NYC
job: designer & slacker
look: short blue hair
pet: a rabbit & 2 turtles

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